Lost Sucks

I never miss an episode. You would think the producers could get back to their loyal fans’ emails once in a while. I have had a number of epiphanies watching that show, and I couldn’t be more sure that I’m right–I’m just not sure on which count I have this figured out. A little validation from the show’s creators would be nice. I mean, when you read each of these theories you will say to yourself, ‘yes of course that’s it.’ But then you’ll read the next one and you won’t be so sure.

The Island is Israel and the primary characters are the Lost Tribes.

The Island is Sodom and Jack Shepherd is Lot.

The Island is the Spanish Inquisition and Ben is King Ferdinand II.

The Island is Hamlet and John Locke is Claudius.

The Island is the Beatles and Kate is Yoko.

The Island is the 1978 Pittsburgh Pirates and Hurley is Willie Stargell.

The Island is Full House and Sayid is Uncle Jesse.


About P. Funkenstein

B. Wixwater is the Founder, Writer, Editor and Champion of the Portland Bugle.
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