My Date Last Night Sucked

So I thought I’d sort of let my hand linger on her thigh just above the knee to see how she would respond and get a gauge on things.

“What the hell are you doing?” is how she responded.

“Watch your language. There are children here,” I said.

“That’s another thing. It’s bad enough you brought me to McDonalds, but why are we sitting in the Play Place?”

“I wanted you to see how good I am with children.”

“You practically climbed up on your chair to get away from that little boy who walked over here.”

“That ball pit is swimming in urine. So, do you want to get dessert later?”

“Do you think this is some kind of date? I thought you said Kyle was going to be here.”

“Oh. Well… See, I may have been exaggerating about my relationship with Kyle.”

Anyway, it didn’t go well. I suppose it wasn’t the worst date I’ve had this year, but it was definitely the second.


About C. Borman Wixwater

C.B. Wixwater is the Founder, Writer, Editor and Champion of the Portland Bugle.
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One Response to My Date Last Night Sucked

  1. J.A. Brown says:

    Sorry Lyle, but judging from this, you suck at dates. You should never, ever, ever, take a date to McDonald’s.

    (Unless this was a fictional story, in which case it’s hilarious.)

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